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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Small success

I have had an article published in the Copenhagen Post. I've been badgering them for the past five months but they wouldn't give me a job because I don't know Danish. Eventually though my perseverence paid off and they asked me to do a street guide for them. They liked it a lot and said they'd definitely be using me again. Which is nice. The paper is a well-designed weekly aimed at Copenhagen's expat community. I check it every week for the job ads but their arts guide is excellent too. Anyway, that's that. Oh, I got paid for it too. Only a measly £25 but it's a start.

I'm off to Silkeborg tomorrow (it's Friday tomorrow right?!) for the weekend. It's Anne's nephew's 1st birthday. Silkeborg is an ace place. It's a small town (Harpenden sized) but it has an amazing cinema, a huge theatre, lots of nice shops and a beautiful lake where the rich burghers go sailing. One of the most notable things about Denmark is the space. Jutland (the main island) can feel eerily deserted at times. Here in Copenhagen, everyone lives in seven-story Parisian style apartment blocks but out in Jutland there is no such thing as semi-detached. The motorways are largely empty. Children play out in the wilderness. It's odd coming from the UK and seeing things like that. We really are a crowded island and it's not sustainable.


At 9:17 AM, Blogger Tolchard said...

Mate well done. It’s a small but significant achievement. I’m proud of you brother


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