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Sunday, May 28, 2006

I can tell there's something going on

Discovering new things. That's what I set out to do over here and so far I've been successful. I've discovered plenty about myself, about Copenhagen, about the key to good public transport (bikes, lots of bikes) and, most importantly, thanks to Anne's tutelage, the secret of successful washing up. I've learnt lots of handy little tips recently which have really helped me raise the bar. I barely even dirty the water now. The key is pre-rinsing. Anyway, where was I? Discovery. I've rambled about the net often enough on here but it's something else isn't it? Someone has just said to me they think we'll all be living on the net soon enough. By which I think they meant something similar to what J.G Ballard did in a short story he wrote years ago (I forget the name) where people forget how to interact in reality as all relationships are conducted online. Someone (in what must have been the inspiration for The Matrix) breaks free of the net and makes contact with their family but with horrifying results. Lovely! Well here's something else I've just discovered on the net; a Swedish 'electro-pop' trio called Peter, Bjorn and John. Check out Young Folks at their MySpace page. Try and get past the 'Rainbow' name. They're cool. I swear. I'm in a generous mood so I'm also going to give you this little gem by Soltero, called From the Station. Enjoy! One last note, check out Captain Picard's Journal which I've added to my links on the right. As far as I can tell it's mostly just little pieces which keeps the spirit of The Next Generation well and truly alive but then he chucks in one which makes you suspect he's filtering his own life through the prism of the Star Trek Universe. There's one post where he begins: 'A crucial piece of engineering has broken down here on the Enterprise . . . the washing machine.' Genius!


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