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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mentalist part two

Here's another example of my recent compulsive thinking. Because I get the train into work I've developed a habit of imagining fairly horrifc train crashes as I stand at the platform. When the high-speed Midland Mainline train zooms through St Albans station, in my mind's eye I can see it jumping the tracks and ploughing towards me on its side at unimaginable speeds. To entertain myself I try and think how exactly I could avoid such an unpleasant death. My first thought is to take shelter behind the bridge supports but I'm not sure they'd be strong enough. Next I think it might be best to actually leap down onto the tracks in front of me in the hope that the train would pass over me and career on down into the station building. This has its own risk though, namely avoiding the London train coming from the other direction. Phew. What a minefield! I'm not sure there's a foolproof method of avoiding death here. I think the best thing is just to pray you're not in the way!


At 1:06 PM, Anonymous Pies said...

I've had the same day-mare. Swing up onto the platform clock, jump on to the train as it about to take you out and then surf it half way to Radlet.


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