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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bad news

Well, the wait is over. Unfortunately it wasn't a happy ending and I didn't get the job. They decided to give it to someone with fluent Danish. Apparently it was a 'tough decision blah blah'. I'm actually relieved to just put it behind me now. There's going to be other opportunities. While I'm on, let me just give a quick thanks to all of you who have posted comments on here since I started. It's really rewarding to know that I have a few regular readers. Anyway, it's nearly time for another stint of hysteria-inducing headline writing at the Daily Mail and I have a shirt to iron and a chin to shave.


At 12:32 AM, Anonymous Vicky said...

Gutted for you Aaron, but yes I am sure there will be better and more exciting opportunities around the corner, everything happens for a reason, plenty more fish in the sea etc etc etc!! Regular reader I am, and your blog ranks in higher on my priority list on arrival at work than checking my daily horoscopes or the weather at home - you are only behind a cup of tea, the daily headlines, my womens wit thought of the day, and my own e-mails in the morning ritual.


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