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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I can't seem to help myself can I?! Ever since I was 16 I fancied myself as a purveyor of deeply introspective literature and from re-reading yesterday's installment it would seem that not much has changed. A friend commented on here that perhaps I should concentrate on the now rather than worrying about the future. She's right of course but life would be a wondrous stroll along tree-lined, enchanted avenues if it was as easy as that.
I feel I need to make a few things happen; get my energy levels back up. I am meeting with a fashion designer who has a shop here in Jaegersborggade on Thursday and I'm going to try and sell an article about her to ID or something like that. I'm by no means a fashion expert but I think I know style when I see it. Anne and I have been in her shop a few times and both love what she does. Her clothes are quite simple, cotton or silk dresses, skirts, emblazoned with quite bold but definitely beautiful prints.
I've had some other feature ideas recently. As always with me, it's a question of effort and motivation. I have a habit of coasting through life rather like a slug coasts down a submerged yoghurt pot filled with beer. (Business Genius's first and only gardening tip). Anyway, I would like to do something on the rather intriguing housing system here in Copenhagen. Society Guardian or a housing trade journal back home might be interested. Given the feverish interest in anything property-related in the UK I think it could work. I also thought about doing a light-hearted piece on the travails I've had learning the lingo but I think I'll save that for here.
As for the random pic above, that's the window in the loo at Clarence Park, home of the mighty St Albans City FC. They've made it to the play-offs of the Conference South and are in with a good chance of promotion to the Conference proper. Well done lads.


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