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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Briefly . . .

I had an interview at a copywriting agency today. It went pretty well. As with most things in Denmark, the office was super-stylish. You had to walk through a sleek, minimalist canteen they share with an ad agency to get there and I felt kind of pretentious just showing up. But it was all good fun. The chap who interviewed me was a Kiwi so I bored him with my 'New Zealand tale' which in a nutshell is how I lived over there when I was younger and went to school with Andrew Mehrtens (former All Black). I think it would be a cool place to work but the actual writing would be dull as dishwater. The bulk of their clients are Danish tech companies or banks, pharmaceuticals etc. We'll see.
Ordinarily it would be at this point that I would regale you with some deep insight into the interview process but it's late and I can't be bothered. Much more to come tomorrow I promise.


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