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Thursday, April 06, 2006

A bite

Well, sort of. The Royal Library rang me today. Or rather a bonkers-sounding lady called Gertrude did. She said she liked what I had done with the text promoting their Napoleon exhibition but that as the exhibition was closing in a week there seemed little point in using it. I didn't really know what to say to that. I was a little bit flustered as I was in the middle of a busy London street with ambulances and police cars whizzing past. I said thanks and there then followed a rather interminable discussion about my email address. It seemed she had read the 1 as an i or an L and so she had not been able to mail me. She spoke extremely slowly so all this had taken about ten minutes by now and I was confused as to whether I should feel crushed or kind of elated. At any rate she now has my correct email address so maybe that's not the last I've heard of them. Overall I feel happy to have actually had a response. Maybe when I get back to Denmark I can follow it up with a call and remind them I exist.

As for the rest of my day, I went to work and discovered that payroll have not had any record of my being there in the past month and so I won't get paid now until next Friday. My overall boss was back today after a while off ill. The last time he saw me was for the last of four trial shifts I did a couple of months ago. In his absence his deputy has been the one giving me shifts. Anyway, the reports back must have been reasonably positive because he asked if anyone had talked to me yet about 'taking me on'. It's nice to feel wanted but I am completely committed to getting this company off the ground. I'm knackered. I'm going to watch the highlights of the Masters and eat cheese.


At 1:47 AM, Blogger Tom said...

"I'm going to watch the highlights of the Masters and eat cheese"

You my bestest of friends are a literary genius!!

I'm trying to set one of these blob things up too. Taking a while though cos it won't upload any pictures.

Your page looks really good man.

Speak to you later cheese eater.


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