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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Off topic

Daniel Johnston

I think I'll probably be doing this a lot in the future (going off topic) but I guess the best blogs grow organically. Anyway, here's something I just came across at Said the Gramophone. If there's any Daniel Johnston fans out there then you may already know about this but if not then this film will, I'm sure, be well worth checking out. I've watched the trailer a few times now and it does give you a good feel of his music. Extremely fragile, like very old glass. Anyway, go and have a look at The Devil and Daniel. Interestingly, the title seems to come from an article a journalist in Austin, Texas wrote about Daniel back in the 80's. As not so many people know, journalists don't usually write headlines as well, so, as the blog on the site notes, the credit belongs to a sub-editor on the paper. He or she is probably still there telling everyone they know: 'That's my bloody headline, the bastards!'
Back on topic, I should have been paid by my paper on Tuesday - in fact I should have been paid the last three Tuesdays in a row - but I haven't been. Now my loan repayment is due in two days and I have no way of making it other than extending my overdraft. Plus my mum texted last night, apparently I owe £50 in phone calls. Sigh.


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