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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Right opposite the entrance to my street in Norrebro, Copenhagen, is the Assistens Kirkegard (Kirkegard means churchyard in Danish). Hans Christian Andersen is buried there as is this chap. For any of you who have struggled through 100 pages of Either/Or and then gone to lie down in a darkened room, the site of his final resting place may be of some interest. But I doubt it.

Heading back to the UK in a bit so my business empire will be on hold for a week or two but I'm feeling pretty good about things. I'm glad to at least have the ball rolling; it's good to know (roughly) where I'm headed. Made a couple of good contacts today. Rang a chap who runs a company in the UK offering translation and editing services to UK companies doing business in Scandinavia and vice versa. Sent him my CV and he said there was a good chance of him sending some stuff my way. Anyway, I have a bag to pack. Cheers.


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